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VODORASLO® Air Purifier: User Guide, Instructions & Tech information


Congratulations on your acquisition of the VODORASLO® Air Purifier by ALGAIA Ltd, a revolutionary device designed to enhance air quality through the natural air-purifying properties of algae. To ensure optimal performance and longevity of your device, please follow this comprehensive guide and maintenance instructions.

Device Setup

  1. Placement: Position your VODORASLO® Air Purifier in an area up to 30m² for maximum efficiency. Ensure it is placed on a stable surface, away from direct sunlight and heat sources.
  2. Power Connection: Connect the air purifier to a power source using the provided power cable. The device uses up to 3 times less energy compared to conventional air purifiers.
  3. Initial Start: Turn on the device by pressing the power button. The LED light will illuminate, indicating that the air purifier is operational and the photosynthesis process has begun.

Daily Operation

- The VODORASLO® operates continuously, 24/7, with artificial LED light facilitating photosynthesis, transforming CO2, NOx, SO2, and dust particles into oxygen.

- The device features a reusable and easy-to-clean nano filter, ensuring the air is purified efficiently.

Maintenance Instructions

  1. Nutrient Addition

   - Every 15 days, add the specified amount of nutrients to the algae culture to support healthy growth. Nutrient packs are provided based on your subscription plan (Basic, Standard, Premium).

  1. Filter Cleaning

   - Clean the nano filter every 15 days to maintain optimal air flow and purification. Remove the filter according to the instructions in the user manual, use a tap water for cleaning, and avoid using any detergents or hot water to prevent damage.

  1. Aquaculture Volume Cleaning

   - Simultaneously, with the filter cleaning, ensure the algae volume container is cleaned every 15 days. Use a dry cloth to wipe the inside gently, removing any visible residue or buildup to prevent any blockages or algae health issues.

  1. Monitoring and Adjustments

   - Regularly inspect your VODORASLO® Air Purifier for any signs of distress in the algae or blockages in the filter. Adjust the LED light settings if necessary to ensure the algae are receiving the optimal light for photosynthesis.


Key Benefits:  
Natural Air Purification removes pollutants like:

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • Nitrogen oxide (NOx)
  • Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)
  • VOCs
  • Dust particles (PM1.0 - PM10)
  • Smoke smell
  • Ideal for Various Settings:
    - Home Use (up to 30m2)
    - Educational Institutions (up to 25m2)
    - Offices and Hospitality (up to 25m2)

Technical data:

  • Air Flow Capacity
    Up to 100m³/h, ideal for rooms up to 30m².
  • Particle Filtration Efficiency:
    100% for particles >7.5 µm
    99.5% for particles >5.0 µm
    97.9% for particles >3.5 µm
    92.5% for particles >2.5 µm
    69.4% for particles >1.0 µm
    54.9% for particles >0.75 µm
  • Allergen Filtration:
    Yes, effectively filters common allergens.
  • Filtration Technology:
    Uses a Nano-fiber membrane, AIRATE, and aquaculture.
  • Noise Level:
    Whisper quiet operation at 25dB.
  • Cable Length:
    2 meters for flexible placement.
  • Effective Against:
    Smog, aerosols, cigarette smoke, bacteria, nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, pollen, spores, mites.
  • Air Humidifying Capability:
    Yes, contributes to maintaining healthy indoor humidity levels.
  • LED Lighting:
    Integrated LED lighting with 0.10W power (4000K).
  • Energy Efficiency:
    Maximum device energy consumption: 20W/hour
  • Power Supply:
    220V voltage.
  • Weight and Dimensions:
    Weight: 1.7kg (without liquid), 5.0kg (with liquid)
    Product dimensions: 20x20x65 cm
  • Maintenance:
    Filter cleaning: Recommended Every 15 days
    Aquaculture nutrient addition: Every 15 days
    Aquaculture volume cleaning:  Every 15 days with a dry cloth, no detergents, no hot water
  • Warranty:
    24 months.
  • Manufacturer:
    ALGAIA OOD, Made in Bulgaria.


Algae appear discolored or unhealthy: Check if the nutrients were added correctly and if the LED light settings are optimal. Adjust as necessary and consult the FAQ section on our website for further guidance.

Reduced air flow or purification efficiency: Inspect the nano filter for blockages and clean as instructed. Ensure regular maintenance intervals are followed.


For any additional questions or assistance, please contact our customer support team at
Our team is ready to assist with any inquiries or support needs related to your VODORASLO® Air Purifier.

  • Denis Ivanov

    Founder & CEO
    Background in designing public buildings and spaces, Denis combines his expertise in construction management and technology to lead VODORASLO towards algae and seaweed-based innovative solutions.
  • Monika Dimitrova |

    Monika brings her vast experience in economics and innovation management to drive the company's growth and strategic direction. She developes the customer and partners network.
  • Vladislav Nosikov

    Strategic Marketing Advisor
    Background in economics and international management, Vladislav, leverages his experience in the startup ecosystem to enhance VODORASLO's market presence and customer engagement.
  • Gergana Marinova

    Biology and R&D Lead
    Leading the biology team, Gergana's expertise in algae cultivation and her role as a lab assistant at BAS underpin the scientific research and development of VODORASLO's's eco-friendly solutions.
  • Yordan Georgiev

    Biology and R&D Assistaint
    His skills in algology and mycology, supported by a rich internship experience in cytotoxicity and signal transduction, are crucial for the development of VODORASLO's algae-based products.
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