It's time for next generation air purification.


VODORASLO is an award-winning biotechnology company creating the next generation of products for better home and office air quality. Our primary resource is a specific strain of microalgae that we use to power bioreactors that absorb gaseous and particulate pollutants.

By using the processes of microorganisms in nature, we are able to help companies and individuals have professionally designed devices inspired by the ocean. We research and develop micro and macro algae solutions to create unique premium products for a variety of industries reducing carbon footprint.

Look us up and you'll have your own little ocean in a box.

  • Denis Ivanov

    Founder & CEO
    Background in designing public buildings and spaces, Denis combines his expertise in construction management and technology to lead VODORASLO towards algae and seaweed-based innovative solutions.
  • Monika Dimitrova |

    Monika brings her vast experience in economics and innovation management to drive the company's growth and strategic direction. She developes the customer and partners network.
  • Vladislav Nosikov

    Strategic Marketing Advisor
    Background in economics and international management, Vladislav, leverages his experience in the startup ecosystem to enhance VODORASLO's market presence and customer engagement.
  • Gergana Marinova

    Biology and R&D Lead
    Leading the biology team, Gergana's expertise in algae cultivation and her role as a lab assistant at BAS underpin the scientific research and development of VODORASLO's's eco-friendly solutions.
  • Yordan Georgiev

    Biology and R&D Assistaint
    His skills in algology and mycology, supported by a rich internship experience in cytotoxicity and signal transduction, are crucial for the development of VODORASLO's algae-based products.
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