• Denis Ivanov

    Founder & CEO
    Background in designing public buildings and spaces, Denis combines his expertise in construction management and technology to lead VODORASLO towards algae and seaweed-based innovative solutions.
  • Monika Dimitrova |

    Monika brings her vast experience in economics and innovation management to drive the company's growth and strategic direction. She developes the customer and partners network.
  • Vladislav Nosikov

    Strategic Marketing Advisor
    Background in economics and international management, Vladislav, leverages his experience in the startup ecosystem to enhance VODORASLO's market presence and customer engagement.
  • Gergana Marinova

    Biology and R&D Lead
    Leading the biology team, Gergana's expertise in algae cultivation and her role as a lab assistant at BAS underpin the scientific research and development of VODORASLO's's eco-friendly solutions.
  • Yordan Georgiev

    Biology and R&D Assistaint
    His skills in algology and mycology, supported by a rich internship experience in cytotoxicity and signal transduction, are crucial for the development of VODORASLO's algae-based products.
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