• Uses up to 3 times less energy

    It saves you around 50.00 euros per year just by switching to algae bioreactor. It uses only 20W/h.
  • Transforms pollution into oxygen

    Transforms harmful gases into oxygen. The algae purifier generates oxygen equal to 1sq.m of grass.
  • Absorbs gas & dust pollutants

    By combining algae with nano-filtering membrane, this air purifier covers huge spectrum of pollutants
  • Reusable & easy to clean nano-filter

    You will NEVER have to buy new filters, because you do not need them with VODORASLO. Just wash them!
  • 24/7 photosynthesis & artificial lighting

    Microalgae multiplies every minute with constant illumination by LED lights. The greener it gets - the better!
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How it works?

1 | Pumping air pollution

The airflow is firstly purified by the nano-filtering membrane. The filter absorbs bigger pollutants such as pollen and dust particles

2 | Algae absorbs gases

Microalgae threw photosynthesis absorbs gas pollutions and produce oxygen. The process is up to 50 times faster compared to terrestrial plants.

3 | Creating biofertilizer

Once per every 15-20 days, the bioreactor creates biomass which is also plant fertilizer. Pour 2/3 of the volume into the soil and refill with water

  • STEP I

    Algae & Nutrients Addition

    Add nutrients to the algae every 15 days to ensure optimal growth and air purification effectiveness.

    Filter Cleaning

    Clean the filter every 15 days to maintain good filtration efficiency. Use a cold tap water for cleaning. Avoid detergents

    Water Tank Cleaning

    Pour 2/3 from the tank into some plants . Clean the volume every 15 days to ensure the health of the aquaculture. Use a dry cloth and no alcohol


    Fill with tap water and nutrients. You will not need new algae. The cells will start to multiply again and again after cleaning.
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What does Bioreactor mean and what exactly does it do?

Bioreactor is the general name of our device for better Air Quality. We use a specific strain of microalgae in combination with a nanofilter membrane to cover a wide range of gas and particulate contaminants.

What are the advantages of the Bioreactor?

It generates oxygen, lower energy consumption, occupies a small area, is much quieter, absorbs various gases such as CO2, SO2, NOx , and thanks to the AIRATE® filter stops the ingress of dust, dirty air, cigarette smoke, pollen, other allergens and small insects. Stops the spread of mold and other bacterial spores.

Is it safe for children and what happens if someone pushes it to the ground?

Safe for children. If the Bioreactor is knocked over and spills on the ground it is important to unplug it first. If there is algae left in the container and it is not broken, you can top up the nutrients and water and it will function again. For safety, we recommend that it not be left directly on the ground where small children often play.

How long does the Algae live?

Algae do not have a lifespan if grown according to instructions. After the initial feeding, the algae multiply and their concentration increases (becoming dark green). When a larger amount of biomass begins to accumulate (every two weeks) it is time to drain 2/3 of the tank, then top off with clean water and the nutrient supplements we sent. This will start the process all over again.

Can I touch the algae and can I get an allergic reaction?

You can touch them without a problem. There is no likelihood of an allergic reaction.

What will I receive in the box I order?

Depending on your choice of package - Basic/Standard/Premium, you will receive the following: bioreactor, nutrient supplements, live algae, instructions with warranty and technical specifications, air quality sensor, cleaning kit, and the option for personal branding.

How often do I change my algae?

We recommend at least once a year, as it is likely that with a long growing period, you will cultivate other harmless invasive species that will colonise the conker strain we send.

What type of water should I use for the algae?

After testing, we recommend topping up with distilled or mineral water, but if you don't have any, tap water would also work. However, it is possible with tap water if the chlorine levels are very high to kill the algae or slow growth.

Is the algae edible? Can I eat it or use it for cosmetic treatments?

The algae is prepared for air purification use, not food or cosmetic consumption. We do not recommend it as we cannot be held responsible for any use other than air purification.

Does the algae need to be exposed to direct sunlight?

Not necessary. Even with LED lighting, the photosynthesis process is successful. This gives you the opportunity to place it in your desired location.

What is the color of the algae and does it change over time?

Yes, it changes over time from pale green to dark green. This means it’s growing.

Where can I dispose the algae?

We recommend watering houseplants or a tree instead of disposing of it. It would act positively on the root system and soil. If you don't have houseplants and have no choice, you could pour into the sink.