It's time for next generation air purification.

VODORASLO is an award-winning biotechnology company creating the next generation of products for better home and office air quality. Our primary resource is a specific strain of microalgae that we use to power bioreactors that absorb gaseous and particulate pollutants.

By using the processes of microorganisms in nature, we are able to help companies and individuals have professionally designed devices inspired by the ocean. We research and develop micro and macro algae solutions to create unique premium products for a variety of industries reducing carbon footprint.

Look us up and you'll have your own little ocean in a box.


Everyone deserves and needs a symbiosis between design, nature and functionality around them. that's why through our professional team we believe we can create many eco-friendly solutions.

The only limits are the sky, the ocean bottom and our imagination.


Working together for a better and cleaner future.

Denis Ivanov

Сo-founder and CEO

Monika DImitrova

Co-founder and CSO

Vladislav Nosikov

Marketing Advisor

Gergana Marinova

Expert biology and aquaculture

Yordan Georgiev

Assistant biology and aquaculture